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preservation of corrugated carton production technology applications

A single paperboard waterproofing process is just one aspect of widening the field of carton applications. When combined with a water-resistant adhesive, the resulting carton can be used directly to package fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, there are carton companies like the production of "Tetra Pak" built-in plastic wrap, this carton is more conducive to low-temperature frozen storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables and transport.

In addition to the production of corrugated boxes with the preservation function of the base paper used in the sizing waterproofing, but also the inner layer of corrugated cardboard shall be sprayed materials, so that corrugated boxes can play more Conducive role to the protection of fruits and vegetables. Different carton manufacturers use different production processes, and this different part is the technical content. This is why the same raw materials, the strength of the cardboard produced by different companies has its root causes. Although the equipment, raw materials, adhesives and other factors also affect the strength, but the key reason is the grasp of technology, such as the amount of glue, the level of base paper related indicators, the level of moisture content and so on. However, some enterprises analyze the problems that always exclude the raw material issues, which can not be generalized.


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