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LXC-1100 Multiple Pre-heater

LXC- 1100 Multiple Pre-heater 


1. Heat cylinder diameter: 600, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 mm for option

2. Effective breadth: 1400 2500 mm.

3. Corrugating machine electric power adjusts the paper roller to control the preheating area, lxc800 from 60 220°

4. Cylinders surface were treated with milling and chrome plating, lxc800 shining, cleaning, durable

5. Even pre-heating design

6. Single layer or multiple layers configuration for option.

7. Corrugated Cardboard Production Line, lxc800 carton machinery, Corrugated cardboard mill roll stand is used together .

8. Carton box making machine prices and corrugated machine price is good.




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