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LX-410S Single Facer for Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

LX-410S Single Facer for Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Cardboard Recycling Machine

1. The maximum mechanical speed 250m/min

     Max. width 2500mm

     Main motor power 55KW with variable-frequency motor

     Fan power 22KW  

     Hydraulic System Power 3.7KW

2. Compression method oil pressure

3. Corrugated machine outside suction with no claw style guide;

4. The up and down movement for upper and lower corrugated rollers, pressure roller and glue roller are controlled by oil pressure.

5. When Host pause, the glue roller with rotation feature to prevent glue dry. the gap between glue roller and absorption glue roller is precision measurement, touch screen display, electric adjustment, and automatic adjustment according to the machine speed.

6. Independent drive box with universal joint transmission.

7. Cardboard machine roller adopts 48CrMo alloy steel, with heat treatment for hardness HRC58-62 degree, and the surface is well treated by grind; tungsten carbide corrugated roller for optional. gluing machine is also made in good quality.

8. Electrically insulate glue device, adjusting the width of glue sizing convenient and fast.

9. Corrugated cardboard machine and high speed cardboard recycling machine single facer with gluing machine are made in good quality.

We provide loan to below business situation
1. The value of order over RMB 1 million (including 1 million).
2. Only for boxing machine LX308N, LX-608CN LX707N or corrugated machine production line include LXC-180NN, LXC-220H1.8N models.
3. We accept O/A (Open account), it based on the credit level of buyer's bank credit report.
4. The details please consult with our sales department. 


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