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GIGA LXC NC High Speed Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Corrugator

GIGA LXC NC High Speed Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Corrugator

GIGA LXC Auto Production Line Cardboard Cutting Machine

Thin blade slitting machine for 3 5 7 corrugator

Technical parameter:

1. Corrugator blade configuration 6 blades 10scores(or according to customer’s requirement)      

2. Computerized system of corrugating machine can grind the blades automatically (without braking). Time and frequency of grinding can be self-set by customer according to working conditions

3. Slitting machine adopt thin blade high speed slitting. Precision ball bearing pole and straight rail transmission

4. Computer monitoring to guarantee synchronization with whole line

5. Pneumatic controlled slitting wheels ascend and descend, therefore, the order of corrugated machine can be change without cutting off paperboard.

6. Corrugator‘s order replace and knife line adjust is not over 8-15 seconds

7. Thin edge slitter scorer computer memory capacity of many orders, output any one of orders according to actual needs 

8. The whole cutting could electric left-right moving: ±90mm

9. Corrugated cardboard machine and  cardboard cutting machine and corrugator machine are made in very good quality.

We provide loan to below business situation
1. The value of order over RMB 1 million (including 1 million).
2. Only for boxing machine LX308N, LX-608CN LX707N or corrugator machine production line include LXC-180NN, LXC-220H1.8N models.
3. We accept O/A (Open account), it based on the credit level of buyer's bank credit report.
4. The details please consult with our sales department.


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