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The corrugated box is made of corrugated cardboard which is produced by corrugated cardboard machinery. And Corrugated box components as the below:

4.1 Carton diagram.

Sticky/Tack: Also called the lap joint, it is the part of the box that comes out of the corrugated box for molding. See the leftmost part in Figure 2. The length of the adhesive/nail strip is generally 35-40mm for nailing and 30-35mm for bonding.


Hand pull: also called hand clasp, generally on the side of the corrugated box, the shape of the upper part of the two-rounded rectangle is generally directly the pressure line (also made of zigzag or cut off the upper part), and the rest wears. Hand pull should be determined according to the customer's requirements size and location, generally can not beer to the pattern. The role of the handle is to facilitate the transfer of the box, but will reduce the compressive strength. Therefore, the smaller the better, the general can be inserted by human hand, the most commonly used size is 30mmx90mm, the shape is often semicircle on both sides, the style of the upper pressure line. Of course, some customers will also use extra long, such as 100x110mm handle, mainly to take into account the northern gloves, foreigners and other factors. Hand-pulling generally has an upward knife edge. In order to prevent the handle from bursting at the time of handling, the knife edge is generally between 2-4 mm. The hand-pull uses a wave knife to prevent cutting the hand. The wave knife generally uses 12 waves per inch. Such a knife-cut handle does have a certain effect on the anti-cutting hand. In order to enhance the firmness of the hand-pull, a hand-pull-shaped reinforcing plate may be attached around the box inside the handle. You can also add a plastic buckle. Of course, as corrugated cardboard machinery manufacturers, we know that different cardboards (produced by corrugated cardboard machine) can be made into different cartons. the addition of plastic buckles is mainly aimed at quite heavy corrugated boxes.

Front: Patterns and text printed on the corrugated box to indicate the name, quantity, and size of the corrugated box. The frontal content is determined by the customer and can be divided into front and side according to the printed location. The front is printed in the long direction of the box and the side is printed in the wide direction of the box. If the contents of the box on both sides of the box are different, separate the front side from the front side to the front side. The strips are attached to the strips in the long direction and the other side is the front.

Scissors difference: Measure the difference between the distance between the two knives at the indentation lines at the upper and lower ends of the binding site, as shown in Figure 3.


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