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Water content control methods

The strength of corrugated board directly affects the compressive strength of corrugated boxes. Excluding the factors affecting the strength of corrugated board, the key factor is the control of moisture in the production process of corrugated board. For the control of the water content of corrugated board, the following aspects should be controlled:

1, the corrugated paper into the plant when the water content should be strictly in accordance with GB462 standards for inspection.

2, After entering the factory, the storage temperature of the corrugated paper should be controlled at room temperature, and the relative humidity should not exceed 70%.

3, The storage of corrugated paper should be piled upright by stacking, and the ground should be damp-proofed.

4, the corrugated paper storage time should not be too long.

Tips for corrugated cardboard machine:

1, if the cardboard moisture is too high, the preheating roller temperature can not meet the requirements, the boiler steam pressure must be increased, so that the supply of steam to saturated steam, under normal circumstances the boiler steam pressure should be maintained at 1.1Mpa + -0.2Mpa

2, if the water content is low, it is necessary to adjust the paper guide roller to reduce the warm-up area. At the same time, we must make full use of the spray device (wet roller) on the surface of a single machine to spray the base paper to increase the moisture content of the base paper to meet the standard requirements.

3, when corrugated cardboard machine the flat-bed dryers work, they can not stop without a last resort. One-sided machine should be speeded up before replacing the base paper, and increase the accumulation amount on the bridge; the composite machine should decelerate after receiving the signal, and wait until the single-sided machine completes the paper-feeding before speeding up. If it is necessary to stop the machine if it fails, the conveyor belt should be lifted to prevent excessive water loss from the board dryer.

4, for corrugated cardboard machine single facer, to adjust the gap between the rubber roller and scraper roller. In general, the gap between the rubber roller and the scraper roller is 0.2mm-0.25mm, and the gap between the rubber roller and the corrugating roller in the thermal state should be 0.02mm larger than the thickness of the corrugated paper used. For the double face machine, the scraper roller and The gap on the rubber roller is also 0.2mm-0.25mm. The gap between the pressure roller and the rubber roller should be 0.05mm-0.1mm smaller than the height of the single-faced corrugated board, and the gap between the two rollers should be consistent at both ends. Use feeler to measuring.

Corrugated box process flow:


1,Raw paper rolls to make corrugated cardboard sheets through creasing, slitting.

2,feed into flexo printing machine to print colors and picture then slot or die cut to box.

3,Use folder gluer or stitching machine to make erected carton box to sell and pack.



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