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The development direction of corrugated carton printing technology

1.1 Development of Single Printing Method to Combination Printing

Combination printing includes offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing, digital printing and other printing methods. For some bills and high-end packaging products, a single printing method cannot achieve a variety of expected results, but will offset, flexo, and concave India, screen printing and other processes are organically combined to avoid the lack of a single printing method.

1.2 Development of Sheet-fed Paper to Web and Single-line Online Production

On-line processing is the integration of multiple functions on a corrugated carton manufacturing machine line to form a variety of production capabilities, so that products can be completed at one time, which can not only increase production efficiency, but also help reduce waste. On-line processing At the same time as printing is completed, on-line processing such as coating, compounding and coating, stamping, laminating, die-cutting, embossing, folding, and cutting can be performed on-line. In the field of packaging and printing, applications such as "sheetfed offset + flexo inline glazing", "dual-curing glazing units", "dual die-cutting units", and "application of mixed inks for on-line glazing" will become more and more wide. The B250 unit-type six-color narrow-width flexographic printing machine developed by Edale, according to the needs, can choose the corresponding configuration to complete the holographic anti-counterfeiting, UV glazing, hot stamping, stamping patterns, affixed magnetic stripe, die cutter, tape punching , cutting and stacking and other online post-sequence plus function

1.3 Corrugated carton printing machine develops in the direction of high speed, multicolor, automation and intelligence

From the point of view of the development of packaging and printing equipment, the color group of the printing press is increasing and the speed is getting faster and faster. As in foreign countries, the 10-color flexographic printing press has become the main model, and the printing speed has reached 600 meters per minute. The new web-fed printing presses often use automatic paper-feeding mechanisms, automatic traction and tension wide-width devices to achieve roll-change/wind-up without stopping the machine. The high-efficiency servo stepper motor has an automatic speed monitoring function, which ensures highly accurate setting of printing pressure, printing length, plate and thickness parameters of printing materials, and greatly improves production efficiency. The just modularized automatic operating system can preselect menus, centrally operate the unwinding/winding unit, printing unit, and drying unit, as well as envisage printing and observation modules, and view the entire printing process on the display screen. Use modems to select remote troubleshooting devices to help customers. They are all corrugated carton making machine.


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