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Special Corrugated Cardboard

In the packaging industry, some products require the corrugated cardboard to be waterproof, rust-proof, fresh-keeping,flame retardant, etc, which is not offered by ordinary corrugated cardboard. Hence , further processes are required for corrugated carton machine.

8.1 Waterproof corrugated cardboard

To pack the product in high temperature environment or the product itself contains high content of water, then using ordinary to pack such product would obviously lower compression strength of cardboard. And in the condition of high water content, the cardboard’s even pressure strength and side pressure strength is dropping obviously.

According to appliance, it can use different methods on corrugated carton machine to improve the cardboard’s waterproof performanceAnti-water corrugated cardboard

Anti-water corrugated cardboard is also know as water rejected cardboard, meaning that when water pour upon the cardboard, the water will not infiltrate into the cardboard to realize waterproof performance.

Process methods on corrugated carton machine china

It’s common to process the waterproof cardboard by coating with material such as paraffin wax, organic silicon,gloss oil, etc. Gloss oil is with the characteristics of low viscosity,good permeability, but too much of gloss oil in the cardboard would lower the waterproof performance. So it’s better to brush a layer of starch first, and waiting it to dry. Then do coating on the cardboard. Besides that, it would improve the waterproof performance by adding some waterproof additive such as urea resin, melamine resin,vinyl butyral, etc, and it can brush the coating material on the cardboard.

It can manufacture high water resistant cardboard on the corrugated carton machine to put the paraffin wax on both side of cardboard, and spray coating in for liner paper, which is know as patent M/R corrugated cardboard.

The anti-water corrugated cardboard is suitable for packing drying power product, especially power that will be caking when mix with water. And it’s also suitable for packing product that’s often in and out of cold storage. It’s easy to form into water on the ordinary carton, absorbed by it, then the carton is not strong enough and crashing down after stacking. Yet, after waterproof treatment, such problem could be avoided. 


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