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Single facer machine pneumatic devices and adjust the role of requirements

Single facer machine pneumatic devices and adjust the role of requirements

The use of manual devices in the regulation of corrugating rolls and pressure rolls of older single-sided machines tends to cause the equipment to wear during production due to improper adjustmentlead to we can not guarantee the quality of single facer corrugated cardboard. On the Automatic production line,corrugated  roller, pressure roller on the single facer machine gap adjustment using pneumatic devices. In order to ensure the aerodynamic device is always in good working condition, it is very important to keep the air compressor working normally. This requires the quality of pneumatic components within the sealing material to be reliable, to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic system.

Single facer machine slitting device role and adjustment requirements

Slitting device is composed of rotary cutting paper structure and a number of circular hob assembled in the rolling axis. Its main role is to glued single facer corrugated cardboard, According to the processing requirements of a certain size of the vertical and horizontal cardboard cutting, so that the cardboard into a number of small pieces of semi-finished products, in order to facilitate post-process mounting.

The basic requirement to ensure the quality of the cardboard mounting is the exact size of the slitting and the tidy paper edges。 The proper use and maintenance of the slitting device is very important, must pay attention to the rotation of the cross-sectional structure of the shaft parts, gears and other vital parts, we must maintain a good lubrication, to prevent wear and tear caused by mechanical loosening, the gap caused slitting size is not accurate. Circular rolling knife and cross rolling knife if there is wear or knife edge cracking and other phenomena should be promptly sharpened or replace the new knife, in order to better prevent the cardboard cut tidy, but also reduce the workshop dust pollution.

In summary, to maintain the main part of single-sided machine in good working condition, we must operate and adjust the machine scientifically, which requires the production operator must correctly understand the structure of the machine to understand and master the principle of the main components of the machine, the role And performance, and conscientiously do a good job of equipment maintenance and maintenance, so that the machine to maintain more reliable accuracy, to improve the production efficiency of single-sided machine and carton products to lay a solid foundation for the quality.


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