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Production and Technical Application of Waterproof Corrugated Box

In the production of beer box products, but also according to the requirements of customers to organize production, printing beer box paper to special coating (oil) equipment or coating equipment for oiling or coating. After the printing paper processing polish is divided into oily (solvent type) and water-soluble two, but because of oily toxicity, is not conducive to the health of workers, most companies are now using water-soluble polish waterproofing treatment. The corrugated paper and linerboard used by the author where the company produces two layers of cardboard is based on the customer's requirement to use sizing base paper or spraying waterproofing agent on the linerboard paper. The adhesives used are also made of water-resistant additives with excellent adhesion and water resistance. The cardboard produced with this adhesive should be soaked in water for more than thirty minutes before the three base papers are completely peeled off. Therefore, using this production process to produce beer boxes have good moisture and water resistance.

the complexity of the production process and reduce and reduce the excessive personnel and costs caused by the increase of processing operations, the carton manufacturing enterprises may entrust the raw paper production enterprises to produce sizing paper strictly according to their requirements. Now, the base paper production enterprises to produce sizing paper mixing more production technology, carton companies to the production method called "pre-technology," which effectively improve the production efficiency of the carton business. In terms of waterproofing, most current carton manufacturers adopt waterproofing on the surface of sizing and facial paper, which is more economical and more conducive to the participation of carton manufacturers in the current low-cost competition. Due to the low threshold of the carton production industry, the pressure of competition among enterprises, the cost of the size of the business has become the key to winning. However, reducing the cost does not reduce the quality of the product. These large and medium-sized enterprises in this cardboard box on the difficult front line.


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