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Learn the methods how to test carton boxes performance 5

Third, the carton dynamic performance test

For some specific packaging of goods: such as ceramics, glass products, electrical appliances, equipment, but also to test the carton on the product of the buffer performance

Transport, handling, vibration, drop and other tests

1, drop test

Will be packaged after the carton by non-posture from the specified height drop test a certain number of times after the carton packaging products or cartons

The number of times the drop.

2, bevel impact test

Rotate the carton on the pulley and slide it from a certain height to the last impact on the baffle. It is similar to the tightness of the transport process


3, vibration test

The carton packaging products placed on the shaking table, so that by the horizontal, vertical vibration or at the same time by the two-way vibration after a certain period of time to check the situation of goods or cartons when the carton damage time.

 4, hexagonal drum rotation test

Place the carton in the hexagonal rotary drum with the impact plate in accordance with the provisions of the number of revolutions, the number of rotation, and then test the goods, carton damage.

The above dynamic experiments are destructive, improve the carton and commodity anti-sabotage ability is to use packaging cushioning cushion, partitions or other protection



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