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Learn the methods how to test carton boxes performance 4

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4, the impact of carton compressive strength factors

Raw material quality

The base paper is the decisive factor in determining the compressive strength of the carton

Can be seen by the kellicutt formula. However corrugated board production process other conditions

The impact is not allowed to ignore, such as the amount of adhesive, high-shock impregnation, coating, composite processing and so on.

2 Moisture

Cartons with high water content of corrugated cardboard manufacturing, or long storage in the wet environment will reduce its compressive strength. The fiber is a kind

Water absorption is very strong in the rainy season and the humidity in the air when the cardboard moisture and the atmospheric environment of the wet balance is very important.

3 box type

Box type refers to the type of box and the size of the same type of box, they have a significant impact on the compressive strength. Some cartons are double corrugated paperboard

Plate composition, the compressive strength of the same specifications than the single-layer box significantly improved in the same conditions, the higher the box, the worse the stability, the more the compressive strength low.

4 printing and opening

Printing reduces the compressive strength of the carton. Packaging of breathable requirements of the goods in the box opening, or in the box side punching handle hole will reduce the strength of the carton

Especially the opening area of a large side of the bias is more obvious.

5 processing process deviation

In the process of making the box pressure line improper slotted too deep, combined with the prison will also be reduced into the box pressure strength.

Third, the carton dynamic performance test.

For some specific packaging of goods: such as ceramics, glass products, electrical appliances, equipment, but also to test the carton on the product of the buffer performance, that is, simulation

Transport, handling, vibration, drop and other tests

1, drop test

Will be packaged after the carton by non-posture from the specified height drop test a certain number of times after the carton packaging products or cartons the number of times the drop.

2, bevel impact test

Rotate the carton on the pulley and slide it from a certain height to the last impact on the baffle. It is similar to the tightness of the transport process brakes.


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