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Learn the methods how to test carton boxes performance 3

2, according to the raw material to calculate the compressive strength of the carton

After booking the compressive strength of the carton should choose the appropriate carton board, corrugated base paper to produce corrugated boxes, to avoid the waste caused by blind production

There are many formulas for calculating the compressive strength of the carton based on the ring compressive strength of the base paper

But more concise and practical is the kellicutt formula

It is suitable for use

To estimate the 0201 type carton compressive strength.

3, to determine the compressive strength of the carton method

Due to the impact of various factors in the production process.Finally with the production of raw materials, carton compressive strength is not necessarily consistent with the estimated results, so the most

Finally, the method of accurately determining the compressive strength of the corrugated carton is to test the carton constant temperature and humidity after the carton compression testing machine.

GIGA LX Flexo Carton Printing Machine, good control


For small and medium-sized plants without test equipment, you can cover a board on the carton and then stack the same amount of weight on the board to determine whether the compressive strength of the carton meets the requirements.



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