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Learn the methods how to test carton boxes performance 2

Second, the carton pressure strength and influencing factors

Carton pressure strength is the most important quality index required for many product packaging. Test the corrugated box between the two plates and press it to the carton

Crush pressure, that is, carton pressure strength, with KN said.

1, the expected carton pressure strength

Carton requires a certain degree of compressive strength, because after packing the goods in the storage process in the stacking at the lowest level of the carton by the upper carton pressure

In order not to crush, must have the appropriate compressive strength, carton pressure strength calculated by the following formula

P = KWn-1

Where P ---- carton pressure strength N

W ---- Carton Weight after loading N

N - stacking layer number

K - stacking safety factor

The stacking layer number n is calculated from the stack height H and the height of the individual carton n = H / h

The stacking safety factor determines the national standard according to the number of layers of cargo stacking

Storage time less than 30d take K = 1.6

Storage period 30d-100d take K = 1.65

Storage time greater than 100d take K = 2.0


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