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Learn the methods how to test carton boxes performance 1

Hi,do you know how to check a box quality by easy method after printing?

First, the appearance of quality

1, print quality patterns, print surface clear, consistent color, bright and bright, printing position error big box does not exceed 7mm; small box does not exceed 4mm;

2, closed the quality of the box around the loopholes without the closure of the box after the no difference and from the seam.

3, size tolerance

Box body diameter and design dimensions should be kept in a large box ± 5mm;

Small box ± 3mm mm

Overall dimensions of are basically the same.

Through GIGA LX Flexo Carton Printing Machine, good control


4, the number of folding fold

Corrugated box shaking through the open, 180 degrees reciprocating fold more than 5 times

One, two types of box surface layer and the inner layer, three types of box layer

The total length of the crack is not more than 70mm


In addition to the requirements of the joint specification, the edge of neat, no stacking angle, the box does not allow significant damage or stains and so on.






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