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LXC-320S or 360S Single Facer for 3 5 7 ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

GIGA LXC 320S/360S Single Facer

1. Corrugated Cardboard production line

2. Desigh Speed:120-200m/min

3. Expiry width:1400mm-2500mm 

4. Flute profiles:A/C/B/E etc.available discretionarily

5. Vacuum adsorbable style transmitting cardboard equipment,with wind comtrol

6. Upper-lower corrugating roller seat and whole machine are designed separately,this can be changed hanging in groups,bridge with load-unload guideway,exchanging roller quickly

7. Glue roller and upper roller are designed to groups guideway slippage load-unload, convenient and swift. 

8. Gimbal transmission,fission structure with unattached drive box,transmission more stable,close style gear transmission oiliness lubricated,prolong the use life of gear.

9. The upper corrugating roller, pressure roller and glue roller adopt pneumatic control.

10. The axletree of corrugated and pressure roller adopts high temperature resistant lube.

11. Adopt electomotion paste insulation set, the glue parts running separately while the main motor stopped,prevent paste from drying up.

12. Electromotion adjusted figure show the glue quantity or manual adjust the glue quantity.

13. The upper-lower corrugating roller are made of 48Cr Mo high quality alloy steel,after heat-treatmnt.The rigidity is HRC56-60,the surface are whetted and plating chrome. 

14. Carton machinery and corrugated machine price are made in good quality with best price.

 LXC-320SN 360S (360).jpg

1.Immersed / closed gear box lubricating to reduce noise, universal joint power transmission, to insulate vibration, frequency-changing main motor drive
2.Adjustment of upper corrugating roller, pressure roller, and glue roller, is controlled by pneumatic system
3.Suction blower type paper delivering with air speed adjusting device, to keep good flute shape under high speed running
4.Bearings of upper/lower corrugating roller, and pressure roller, use high-temperature-resist lubrication to keep running smoothly and durably
1.Gluing section applies with automatic, self-circulating glue supply
2.Upper and lower corrugating machine rollers are made of 48CrMo alloy steel, with heated-treatment for hardness HRC56-60, and the surface is well treated by grind , board machinery corrugating machine.
3.Surface treatment of gluing roller: Engrave reticulate and chrome plated .
4.Cardboard cutting machine to make cardboard boxes and automatic corrugated box making machine are made in good quality.
5.Paper delivering by suction blower,to keep good flute under high speed working.



 LX-320S Single facer, F flute Width 1800 mm

 Running at African, improved from Lanston corrugator.

 Tested the flute before shipping in the workshop,   responsible for every Buyer. 


5.jpg Running at the Buyer's workshop
Company Information

Our Company


With 25 years experience of carton machinery, our businesses now have covered CIS, Latin America, Middle East, Europe,

North America, Southeast Asia etc..

Professional design team, offering free foundation of the whole plant; 
Well-trained electrical engineers and mechanics offering installation, maintenance and workers training, till the capacity and

performance of the machine were accepted by buyers.

Our Customers And Our Exhibition

 Better machine better carton, so as to Better business.

SWL120-1800 3 Layer corrugated cardboard production line


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Our Services

Our Service

1 We provide whole establish new factory solution , give customer a comprehensive design plant idea, consider the

target customer market . We own a great team , engineer service to oversea country is available.

2 We provide loan to below business situation
1) use first
2) payer later
3) special service 
we can provide financial support for your project. 
Mutual trust is the foundation of our business.

3 After-Sales Service
1) Engineers available to service machinery overseas.(including installation, debugging, training etc.)
2) Whole machine main parts guarantee for 1 year. 10 years warranty for main transmission gear ensure print accuracy.
3) 25 years experience, reply within 12 hours, provide solve solution within 24 hours.

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