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LXC-250N NC High Speed Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Corrugated Cardboard Machine

GIGA LXC-250N NC High Speed Automitic Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Cardboard Cutting Machine

линия для производства гофрокартона

GIGA LXC 250 NC Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Machine corrugated slitter scorer machine



Main Parameters :

1.     Corrugator blade configuration 7 blades 12scores(or according to customer’s requirement);     

2.     Computerized system of corrugating machine can grind the blades automatically (without braking).

3.     Time and frequency of grinding  can be self-set by customer according to working conditions;

4.     Cardboard cutting machine adopt thin blade high speed slitting.

5.     Precision ball bearing pole and straight rail transmission;

6.     Computer monitoring to guarantee synchronization with whole line;

7.    Pneumatic controlled slitting wheels ascend and descend, therefore, the order of corrugated machine can be change without cutting off paperboard.

8.     Corrugator‘s order replace and knife line adjust is not over 8-15 seconds;

9.     Thin edge slitter scorer computer memory capacity of many orders, output any one of orders according to actual needs ;

10.   The whole cutting could electric left-right moving: ±90mm;

11.   Corrugated cardboard machine and corrugator machine are made in very good quality.

We provide loan to below business situation

The machine as an important part of the production line of corrugated cardboard, is used to complete the corrugated board cutting and indentation.

Machine technical parameter: 

*Production width : 2500mm

*Separate cardboard quantity:6blade 10 scorer

*Min slitting width:180mm

*Min indentation width: 75mm

*Order precision:1mm

*Machine adjust range:±70mm

*Arrange order time:8~15 seconds,10~18 seconds,10~20 seconds

Machine characteristic:

*Knives suitable diameter:200~240mm

*Fall knives type:independent fall knives

*Lower knives roller:replace the knives seat(national patent)

*Upper Creasing wheel outer diameter 180mm

*Lower Creasing wheel outer diameter 180mm

*Fall line type:whole fall line

Computer control system:

Human-computer interface

Large order capacity store

It can be order entering,revise,cancel

Computer control Grinding system, Time and frequency of grinding blade of any can be setted independently;

The cutting and Creasing dimensional discrepanc can be corrected by the computer;

The computer can adjust the working performance of the machine each system

Machine main parts brand:





Servo motor

Japan Mitsubishi brand


Programmable controller

Japan Mitsubishi brand



Korean LG


Low pressure electrical

Korean LG


Ball screw

Taiwan PMI


Linear guide rail

Taiwan AMT


Magnetic valve

Korean YSC



Korean KACON


Air pipeline and joint

Korean SANG-A


Product Display


Slitting Details


Thin knife pressure group adopts a novel thin blade high speed cutting board, flat cut, smooth, not cracked, collapsed; pneumatic knife; Blade adopt HT200 Casting material, solid and strong. The realization of the production process in Full automatic, Automatic grinding in two ways, grinding time and the interval time can be set to ensure that the blade sharp edge

Computer control system
New Human Machine Interface, Computer-controlled sharpening system, a knife can be set individually for any length of time grinding. Orders can be entered, modified, eliminating, The screen displays all kinds of production information.Remote control can be achieved to help solve the problem

Main Board System

Using button to double control knife moving, grinding, cutting. Convenient and efficient. The whole machine is equipped with an electric axial displacement device, which can effectively cope with the offset of the paper web. Never stop under the high speed operating production line when you change roll paper, adjusting in the main computer control system

Operating in Line 

Corrugated slitter scorer machine to make cardboard boxes in production line design speed can reach to 200 m/min,

with servo motor driving to keep cardboard slitting complete and stable straight. system with automatic detection function can prevent abnormal use and operation of the equipment caused by negligence. With newest metal net design to prevent destruction and easy to maintain


Corrugated Samples

GIGA corrugated cardboard samples

GIGA LXC-320S Automatic Carton Single Facer 2ply Corrugated Machine GIGA LXC-320S Automatic Carton Single Facer 2ply Corrugated Machine



Packaging details:

Film covered and desiccatives inside, steel pallet strong fixed, then standard export packing.


Company Information

Our Company


With 25 years experience of carton machinery, our businesses now have covered CIS, Latin America, Middle East, Europe,

North America, Southeast Asia etc..

Professional design team, offering free foundation of the whole plant; 
Well-trained electrical engineers and mechanics offering installation, maintenance and workers training, till the capacity and

performance of the machine were accepted by buyers.

Our Customers And Our Exhibition

 Better machine better carton, so as to Better business.


 Our Exhibition  

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 Our Certificates  


Our Services

Our Service

1 We provide whole establish new factory solution , give customer a comprehensive design plant idea, consider the

target customer market . We own a great team , engineer service to oversea country is available.

2 We provide loan to below business situation
1) use first
2) payer later
3) special service 
we can provide financial support for your project. 
Mutual trust is the foundation of our business.

3 After-Sales Service
1) Engineers available to service machinery overseas.(including installation, debugging, training etc.)
2) Whole machine main parts guarantee for 1 year. 10 years warranty for main transmission gear ensure print accuracy.
3) 25 years experience, reply within 12 hours, provide solve solution within 24 hours.

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