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LXC-1500H Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand for Paper Roller


LXC-1500H Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand for Paper Roller

GIGA LXC Mill Roll Stand Of Corrugating Machine

Corrugated cardboard machine main funcation

1. Control type: whole hydraulic type

2. Max.speed: 250m/min

3. Working width: Max.2500mm

4. Diameter of paper clip: max Ø1500mm, Min Ø350mm

5. * Folder structure adopts cast iron curves, beautiful and solid stability.

6. * Clip arm lift and down, clamp and open, traverse from right to left;

7. Assemble 7.5HP * 4P oil pressure system. (Taiwan brand)

8. Oil pressure pump –1 SET

9. Oil pressure valve

10.Oil pressure cylinder specifications:   Ø80 * ST920 --- 4 PCS (left, right)

                                                                          Ø125 * ST475 --- 2 PCS (upper and lower)

11. * The tension control of corrugating machine: adopt pneumatic brakes with many dots, along with air pressure valve, pressure regulator and pressure gauge.

12. * Assemble Manual Pulley: four wheels under Pulley; slide track : 2 pcs.

13. * Track rails : 2 sets.

14. * electric oil pressure control, easy operation, low failure rate. Corrugating machine and  corrugated cardboard machine  are also in good quality.

15. Packing machine and carton machinery are made  in high quality with good price.

Corrugated cardboard machine: Mill roll stand

New design 
Hydraulic station integrated design, 
installation easier, save maintain cost, buy can be used!



1.Control type: whole hydraulic type
2.Max.speed: 250m/min
3.Working width: Max.2500mm
4.Diameter of paper clip: max Ø1500mm, Min Ø350mm
5.Folder structure adopts cast iron curves, beautiful and solid stability.
6.Clip arm lift and down, clamp and open, traverse from right to left;
7.Assemble 7.5HP * 4P oil pressure system. (Taiwan brand)
8.oil pressure pump –1 SET
9.oil pressure valve
10.oil pressure cylinder specifications:
11.Ø80 * ST920 --- 4 PCS (left, right)                Ø125 * ST475 --- 2 PCS (upper and lower)

12.The tension control of corrugating machine: adopt pneumatic brakes with many dots, along with air pressure valve, pressure regulator 

and pressure gauge.

13.Assemble Manual Pulley: four wheels under Pulley; slide track : 2 pcs.
14.Track rails : 2 sets.
15.Electric oil pressure control, easy operation, low failure rate. Corrugated machine of cardboard machine  are also in good quality.


Product Display

 Tooth chuck is more durable; most used for big

order that roll paper don’t need often change paper rolls

 Multi-point brakes same as Mercedes-Benz brakes,

for high speed line



 Expansion chuck don't wear paper core,

suitable for frequent order change; new desgin

connect with frank, not easily broken

 Work with track rails: for paper roll Automatic feeding

Double track rails with car, for high speed line, hydraulic lifting paper roll




Normal model for low-middle speed line, single track rails with car



 True Case 

GIGA LXC-1500H .jpg

Company Information

Our Company


With 25 years experience of carton machinery, our businesses now have covered CIS, Latin America, Middle East, Europe,

North America, Southeast Asia etc..

Professional design team, offering free foundation of the whole plant; 
Well-trained electrical engineers and mechanics offering installation, maintenance and workers training, till the capacity and

performance of the machine were accepted by buyers.

Our Customers And Our Exhibition

 Better machine better carton, so as to Better business.


 Our Exhibition  

2 -.jpg

 Our Certificates  


Our Services

Our Service

1 We provide whole establish new factory solution , give customer a comprehensive design plant idea, consider the

target customer market . We own a great team , engineer service to oversea country is available.

2 We provide loan to below business situation
1) use first
2) payer later
3) special service 
we can provide financial support for your project. 
Mutual trust is the foundation of our business.

3 After-Sales Service
1) Engineers available to service machinery overseas.(including installation, debugging, training etc.)
2) Whole machine main parts guarantee for 1 year. 10 years warranty for main transmission gear ensure print accuracy.
3) 25 years experience, reply within 12 hours, provide solve solution within 24 hours.

Plant design 2.png





GIGA LXC-1500H .jpg



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Plant design 2.png


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