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LX-AP Automatic Packer

LX-AP Automatic Packer

GIGA LX Automatic packer for carton strapping machine

The automatic box packer is high-quality automatic banding and packing machine, it is specifically designed for corrugated carton machine industry, Low cost, high efficiency, good stability, suitable for corrugated carton, cardboard and auto feeder and other paper products.



1. Band width 5mm,6mm

2. Box packer with Siemens PLC control                        

3. DC brushless motor

4. Siemens touch screen operation

5. Variable transmission system

6. Automatic wearing band design.

7. Fault alarm and fault prompts   

8. Adjustable table height (750~1100mm)

9. Up and down device interface of the bundling machine

10. Aligned, pressure and shaping function, auto bundling machine and folder gluer machine in good quality.

11. Automatic Packer, packing  machine, printing machine and die cutting machine are available.


We provide loan to below business situation
1. The value of order over RMB 1 million (including 1 million).
2. Only for Fully Automatic corrugated carton machine   LX308N, LX-608CN LX707N or corrugating machine production line include LXC-180NN, LXC-220H1.8N models.
3. We accept O/A (Open account), it based on the credit level of buyer's bank credit report.

4. The details please consult with our sales department.


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