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LX-708 Servo Synchronous Control Fixed Unit Flexo Printer&Die Cutter


GIGA LX Fixed Unit CNC Flexo Carton Box Making And Packing Machine

CNC servo control flexo printing carton box making machine lx708;

  1. With humanized, cutting edge design ideal and European top automation technology, we aim to manufacture high quality, lx708 reliable performance, intelligentize, environment-friendly(ISO14000) machine.
  2. Lead edge feeding mechanism  makes feeding length to its utmost, friction resistance to the least.
  3. For wider compatibility, we equipped with ceramic anilox roller that can easily fulfill large block printing while keeps high resolution of 100 DPI at the same plate.
  4. Closed chamber doctor blade system to finely control ink transfer at will.
  5. The good preformance of  PLC,  lx708 frequency drives. Air-conditioned electrical board, super gas segregator, guarantees the stable working of all the pneumatic components LX-708-easy handle, stable, efficient, precise-is your winning power in the market!
  6. Once again, we joint hands with international servo control expert, and use the synchronized motion technology to supersede traditional long shaft transmission structure to ease feed/ print/ die cutsynchronized,  lx708 


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Feeding Unit

  • According to different sheet size, from the button and interface dual controlled panel, automatic adjust and data fix to meet the feeding size.
  • Features of servo control system (quick react, synchronous run, individual drive) to guarantee feeding precision of 0.6mm as well.
  • Carton making machine servo motion synchronous control and electronic camshaft division technology, fulfills un-interval, succession feeding, and guarantee the long lasting working precision of the lead edge feeding mechanism.
  • High power, big volume vacuum cleaning mechanism can eliminate any dust and improve printing quality. 

 Printing Unit

  • Closed transmission gear box (5 grade accuracy) and planet retarder (3 grade accuracy) ensure the final overprint precision within 0.3mm.Closed transmission gear box (5 grade accuracy) and planet retarder (3 grade accuracy) ensure the final overprint precision within 0.3mm.
  • Double servo synchronous, fictitious main shaft (precision less than 0.02mm) controls individually the plate roller, ink roller, pressure roller, and the transporting rack.
  • High DPI ceramic anilox roller combined with closed chamber doctor blade system to effect 80 -100 LPI high quality printing easily.
  • 5.7 inch  touch screen in each unit, adjust printing position up to 0.01mm,  lx708 ELCO coder and  frequency drives adjust axial movement of ink roller, pressure rolller, and plate up to 0.02mm precision.
  • Quick order shifting mechanism, with intelligentize phase and axial dual adjust function, makes hanging of print plate easy and quick.



Printing Unit
  • Diaphragm pump, and ink pumping imp. / exp.auto exchange device developed by our company, create a closed circuit of ink supplying and returning with least volatilization and color changing.
  • Foldable transporting rack, safe and easy to operate.
  • Carton making machine -Inked anilox roller synchronous up and down, to automatically follow up feeding positon to keep seet with high quality and protect the printing plate.
  • Servo controlled printing plate roller has intellgentize auto positioning and resetting afer cleaning  lx708( with 0 tolerances).
  • Ceramic anilox can do large block and high DPI printing simultaneously.

Die Cutter Unit

  1. Double servo synchronous, fictitious main shaft (precision less than 0.02mm) controls individually the mould roller, anvil roller.
  2. Closed transmission gear box (5 grade accuracy ) and planet retarder (3 grade accuracy) ensure the final die cutting precision within 0.3mm.
  3. Decelerating mechanism equipped with ELCO coder and lx708 packing machine.


 Central control unit 

  1. Central control combines with independent control.
  2. Ethernet link with interface (touch screen ) to control and adjust working speed, overprint precision (0.01mm), product quantity, order input, saving, reading and running, alarm etc.
  3. Professional corrugated saft-less transmission controller.
  4. Corrugated carton box making machine PLC controlled individual station
  5. Each station can be operated individually by ELCO coder and frequency drives,  Adustment accuracy reach 0.02mm. 
  6. So does the ink roller and ink pump of the ink system.
  7. Remote after service could be the option for this carton box packing machine . 

Main technique parameter:



Max. speed (pcs/min)


Max. feeding size (mm)


Min. feeding size (mm)


Skip feeding size (mm)


Feeding depth (mm)


Max. printing size (mm)


Standard printing plate thickness (mm)


Overprint precision (mm)


* Subject to change and improvement withouit notice


Printing Samples


Company Information

Our Company


With 25 years experience of carton machinery, our businesses now have covered CIS, Latin America, Middle East, Europe,

North America, Southeast Asia etc..

Professional design team, offering free foundation of the whole plant; 
Well-trained electrical engineers and mechanics offering installation, maintenance and workers training, till the capacity and

performance of the machine were accepted by buyers.

Our Customers And Our Exhibition

 Better machine better carton, so as to Better business.

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