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LX-707N Full Servo Control Vacuum Suction Automatic Flexo Printer Die Cutter

LX-707N Full Servo Control Vacuum Suction Automatic Flexo Printer Die Cutter

Got CE .

Fully Servo Control Vacuum Suction Corrugated Carton box Making Machine prices are Very Good


Control Unit

1. All position adjustments controlled by PLC, encoder tracking

2. Computer centralized control,  servo drivers or other brand is for option.
3. Remote after service can be realized

4.  Each unit equipped with man-machine interface, easy to operate, accurate on adjustment.

We provide loan to below business situation

1. The value of order over RMB 1 million (including 1 million).

2. Only for corrugated carton box making machine  LX308N, LX608CN, LX707N or corrugated machine production line include LXC-180NN, LXC-220H1.8N models.
3. We accept O/A (Open account), it based on the credit level of buyer's bank credit report.
4. The details please consult with our sales department.

Printing Unit

1. Forme roller and pressure roller made of high quality alloy steel, with grinded and chrome plated surface lx707n

2. Dynamic and static balancing make steadily running

3. Hanging forme, make installation easy and quick

4. Forme changing both foot switch, and/or PLC panel control (forward / backward run)

5. Anilox roller auto lifting synchronous with paper feeding system (In feeding anilox roller press down whereas in stop, it release)

6. Independent servo motor driving, to eliminate cumulate error of system

7. Printing phase automatic adjustment by man-machine interface and servo drive

8. Forme roller intelligent zero returning, short cut resetting under dynamic and static condition

9. Ceramic anilox rollers, enclosed chamber doctor blade system, achieve 90-125 lines quality printing

10. AC servo control, peristaltic pump ink supplying and spreading, quick, economy, easy cleaning.

11. Arc shaped, aluminum alloy chamber of doctor blade, raise anti-bending ability by 30%, ink reserves decreased by 20%;  Lined with environmental protection fluorine layer, meet requirement of easy and non-stick cleaning

12. Carton box packing machine suck blower, roller sending, synchronous with pressure roller, over print precision ± 0.35mm lx707

13. Motorized adjust and digital display the forme roller transverse moves, up to 20 mm 

14. Clearance between anilox roller and pressure roller automatic adjustment, encoder tracking and recording (Carton machinery Input data at PLC touching panel to make automatic adjustment)

15. Hot air drying or cold air drying can be choosing based on printing speed lx707

16. AC servo motor with no backlash power transmission device, make gear lubrication unnecessary

 Stacking Unit

1. Connection arm can be operated manually or automatically lx707n

2. Tension of the driving belt of connection arm can be adjusted alone; Number of connection arms can be set at will

3. Stacking height: 1600 mm

4. Platform elevation and transmission motor has braking function, to prevent from down-slipping

5. A pneumatic controlled plate will pop-up to hold the coming substrate when the pre-set height reached

6. Anti slipping belt used in the transport bed, the stacker together with flexo printing machine.





Max. speed (pcs/min) 




Max. feeding size(mm) 




Min. feeding Size(mm) 




Skip feeding size(mm) 




Feeding depth (mm)




Max. printing size(mm) 




Standard printing plate thickness(mm) 

Free setting

Free setting

Free setting

 *Subject to change and improvement without notice

paper box machine


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