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How to Calculate the Capacity of Corrugator Chapter II

In the last chapter, we have the basic concept of corrugator design: SWL-Speed-Width-Layer.

Now, we are gonna study the average performance of the GIGA LX's corrugator in real production at 3 aspects according to 

1. Economist speed

As we all know, when we design the corrugator at its max. speed, that means the machines are capable of running to its max. speed, but it does not mean the machines would run all the time at the max. speed. So we call the average running speed as Economist Speed. For example, the design speed is 120m/min, than the economist speed can be  80~100m/min. More statistic economist speed data are as follow chart:   

Designed Speed(m/min)  Economist Speed(m/min)


150 120
180 150
200 180
250 200
300 260

2. Effective Width

Like the economist speed, the width of paper board that's coming out of the corrugator can not be the max designed width, because there would be edge cutting ( or side cutting) on corrugator, in which process the unqualified would be cut out on Slitter Scorer( a slitting machine on corrugator). So after the slitting, there would come out the qualified cardboard. But what's effective width on average? Check out the chart below for reference:

Designed Width(mm) Effective Width(mm)















3. Average use of mill roll paper

Different orders requires different use of paper: different layers, different weight of paper(g/m2), different flute type (A, C, B, E, F). For example, a 5 layer factory, may have a orders of 3 layers, with B flute, 150g/m2 surface paper, 100g/m2 flute paper, and 130g/m2 inner paper. So, different layers' factories  have different input of raw materials. Check following chart for average use:

Layer of Corrugator 3
5 7
Average input of paper(80g/m2) 400 650 950

4. Average working hour 

On daily production, we need time to prepare for raw materials, heating up machines, machine maintenance, etc, before we actually run the machine on producing process. So on a normally 8 hours shift, there may be only 6 hours that the machines are actually running for producing the products.

Shift(Hours) 8 10 12 24
Effective working time(hour) 6 8 10 20


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