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GIGA LX Fully Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Printing Machine



Specification 1800/2200 *1000 2500*1200/1600 2800*1200/1600 3200*1600
(Pcs/min)Max speed 300 250/180 250/180 180
(mm)Max feeding size 1800/2200*970 2500*1170/1570 2800*1170/1570 3200*1570
(mm)Min feeding size 650*320 650*350/450 650*350/450 650*450
(mm)Skip feeder size 1800/2200*1200 2500*1400/1800 2800*1400/1800 3200*1800
(mm)Feeding Depth 2~10 2~10 2~10 2~10
(mm)Max printing size 1750/2150*920 2450*1120/1520 2750*1120/1520 3150*1520
Print plate depth  (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2


Min slotter interval


Positive cut

120*120*120*120 140*140*140*140 140*140*140*140 140*140*140*140


Reverse cut

200*80*200*80 240*80*240*80 240*80*240*80 240*80*240*80
(mm)Max die cutter size 1700/2100*920 2400*1120/1520 2700*1120/1520 3100*1520


Main Features
1. Servo control lead edge feeder;(Big servo motor control,vacuum suction, 2 or 3 or 4 shafts as per customer requirement,

improve feeder cardboard accuracy and stable)

2. Vacuum suction conveyor for printer;( printer units adopt full vacuum suction,can be equipped doctor blade)

3. Memory order 9999 pieces

4.E/F flute type cardboard could be used for printing carton,normally machine only print A/C/B flute
5. Slotter with intelligent photoelectric
6. With new NC adjusting system for die cutter; (this amazing system is to keep die cutter accuracy, prolong the machine life)

7. Remote after service can be realized;(we can in China to maintaining and debugging the printing machine in overseas)


Product Description
  Feeding Unit
1. Servo control lead edge feeder, servo motor-quick react, precision positioning system stability and durability.
2. Electrical camshaft supersedes mechanical style. Synchronous belt un-interval links feeding shaft with servo motor shaft, to improve feeding precision alignment.Half-wheel, quick replacing surface of feeding wheel. 
3. Working speed and quantity digital display. Synchronous working of automatic feeding and anilox roller to reduce waste;Equipped with dust suck removing device to improve printing quality
Printing Unit
        Printing roller shaft head tempered, all tube stress relief treatment, and temper treatment, all pipe stress tempering treatment.Seamless pipe with grinded, chrome plated surface.Phase 360 degree adjust by PLC control touch screen display(stop and run). Phase adjust precision 0.15 mmPneumatic diaphragm pump offers stable ink supply, easy operate and maintenance




Slotting Unit
        Scorer wheel gap, turbo box electric adjustable, graduated disc display adjust range -mm.Alloy tool steel with heat treatment, grinded slot teeth, good hardness and toughness.Scorer wheel, guide wheel, slot knife seat synchronous transverse displacement, PLC touch screen and electric button dual control. Planet gear structure, absolute value plate positioning, auto zero.



Die Cutting Unit
        Mould roller and anvil roller can be apart automatically by the air cylinder eccentric mechanism during non-working condition in order to decrease the load of the machine and to prolong the life of the cutting mould and urethane cover. Urethane (rubber) cover can be fixed, can repeatedly correct urethane cover then use it. Alloy steel seamless pipe grinded and chromed coated.Urethane cover roller have servo







Production Process


Company Information

Our Company



With 25 years experience of carton machinery, our businesses now have covered CIS, Latin America, Middle East, Europe,

North America, Southeast Asia etc..

Professional design team, offering free foundation of the whole plant; 
Well-trained electrical engineers and mechanics offering installation, maintenance and workers training, till the capacity and

performance of the machine were accepted by buyers.


Our Customers And Our Exhibition

 Better machine better carton, so as to Better business.







 Our Exhibition  

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