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Development trend of corrugated board production process

1. the development trend of tile equipment

The development direction of China's corrugated cardboard machines manufacturing equipment is wide-width high-speed complete sets of equipment to meet the needs of market development; the second is to focus on automatic control in the production of medium and light corrugated cardboard boxes, and to expand the depth and breadth of application of computer technology. Improve performance and improve reliability. corrugated cardboard machine price is low.

1.1. Application of New Technology in Parts and Components

Replacement of cumbersome electrical control cabinets and drives with computers and sensors, as well as new transmission mechanisms, has reduced the number of components and the structure has been simplified, resulting in a smaller volume. The application of microelectronics technology, sensor technology and computer control technology forms a combination of high and new technologies and traditional technologies, improves the structure of packaging machinery, improves the quality of work, accuracy, speed and reliability, and also promotes packaging machinery and packaging production line systems. To intelligent, highly automated development.

1.2, the direction of the upgrading of tile lines

The development of the corrugated cardboard machines for sale industry depends to a great extent on the improvement of the level of technical equipment. Today, the production line is also accelerating its upgrading and upgrading. (1) To develop in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, wide width, low consumption, no pollution, computer control, and multi-function. (2) The production of parts and components for tile line equipment will be developed in the direction of generalization, serialization, standardization and specialization. (3) The wide application of high and new technology, corrugated paperboard production line to make the function of manufacturing equipment increasingly advanced and further enhance the reliability. Our corrugated cardboard machines in India and corrugated cardboard machines in Australia.

1.3. Application of Computer Technology

Computer technology has begun to be applied to production lines to facilitate production management and specification adjustments and improve the overall line of technology. The computer three-dimensional model can be operated according to the actual work situation, demonstrating production capacity, reject rate, matching of production links, where the bottleneck of the production line is, etc., and can also modify the model according to the user's opinion until the user is satisfied.

1.4, a new generation of low-carbon cold-setting tile

Low-carbon and cold-formed us corrugated cardboard machinery production lines are used in the urban corrugated industry. Environmental protection also brings advantages of equipment and technology for sustainable development. A new type of corrugated board production line came into being. This is the low-carbon cold-setting corrugated board production line. Its series of products include cold set corrugated stand-alone, low-carbon single-tile production lines and cold set corrugated board production lines. It achieves the functions of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. As the name implies, a cold set single machine does not require any heating equipment to produce single-faced corrugated cardboard, which is the host of the cardboard production line. Cold-stand-alone stand-alone patents have won the Gold Award at the Geneva International Patent Achievement Expo. The corrugated packaging industry is an industry with large scale, high energy consumption and large pollution sources. The popularization and application of cold setting technology has reduced the industrial cost, saved energy consumption, and achieved environmental protection. It has opened a "green channel" for the urban corrugated box industry. Further promote the technological progress of the packaging industry. The performance of the new generation of cold set electromagnetic wave board production line is better than the microwave board production line, and it can focus on printing, slotting, creasing in one, computer tracking and cutting, can save users millions of manufacturing costs per year


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