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Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated type refers to the different types of corrugated model types, ie corrugation size and characteristics. In the same shape, its shape can be different.

However, the national standard GB0654-200 (corrugated cardboard regulations all types of  shape are UV-shaped, generally is A, B, C, E four type)

1.A flute:The feature is that the number of corrugations per unit length is small and the corrugation height is high. A cardboard box is suitable for packaging vulnerable items.

Larger cushioning forces, such as glasses, ceramics, and the like.

2.B flute: Contrary to A flute, the number of corrugations per unit length is large and the corrugation height is small. Therefore, B flute cartons are suitable for packaging heavier and harder articles, and are generally used for the packaging of bottled articles such as canned beverages. In addition, since B flute cardboard is hard and not easily broken, it can be used to make complex combination boxes.

3.C flute: The number and height of corrugations per unit length are between Types A and B. The performance is close to that of A and the thickness of cardboard is less than A. Therefore, the cost of storage and transportation can be saved. In many countries in Europe and America, C is used.

4.E flute: The number of corrugated irons in a unit length is very large. The corrugation height is very small, and the corrugated folding carton made of it has a better cushioning property than the ordinary cardboard. Moreover, the slotted incision is beautiful and the surface is smooth and can be directly performed. offset printing.


7.Corrugated Board Features and Applications

As corrugated cardboard machine manufacturers we know the Corrugated cardboard has different properties in different directions, especially for different pressures from different directions.

The following is a simple graphical illustration of the resistance of various corrugated board to pressure from different directions (see Table 4).

Table 4: Comparison of Pressure Bearing Capacity in Different Directions of Three Corrugated Boards(for us corrugated cardboard machinery)

Flute type

Plane pressure

Vertical pressure

Parallel pressure













As corrugation decreases, corrugated board is more and more resistant to plane pressure and parallel pressure, and its ability to withstand vertical pressure is getting weaker and weaker.As a corrugated cardboard machine operator need know this




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