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Corrugated board interpretation method

Corrugated board interpretation method (from corrugated carton machine manufacturer

As corrugated carton machine manufacturer) and in order to reflect the combination of paper and corrugation (pit type) for each type of cardboard, corrugated cardboard is represented by a code, and there are three points to remember in the interpretation method:

3.1 Use English letters or numbers to represent paper quality, such as K3K, A=A, K3K3K, etc.

3.2 Use numbers to represent masses and pits, eg 3 for B pits and 9 for E pits. Then K3K (B pits), B9B (E pits).

3.3 Each letter or number generally represents a layer of paper (eg K3K3K cardboard, K is face paper, 3 is corrugated paper, K is medium paper, and the other K is bottom paper).

4, the structure of cardboard (see Figure 2)Used in corrugated carton machinery China

Face paper: The top layer of corrugated board, usually 125~310g/im2.

Core paper: It is a layer of corrugated board in corrugated board, generally 105~115g/m2, 125g/m2, 150g/m2.

Lining Paper: The innermost layer of corrugated paperboard, commonly used paper-like paper.

Medium paper: The most middle layer of corrugated board, commonly used paper core paper.


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