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Common Terms for Corrugated Boxes

1. Corrugated box term:

1.1, packaging terms

1.1.1 Transport packaging: transport package, shipping package The main purpose of transport packaging. It protects the safety of the product, facilitates storage and transportation, speeds up the speed of delivery, and checks.For packaging the corrugated carton machine.

1.1.2 Transport package: transport package into the package of goods circulation.For packaging the corrugated carton machinery.

1.1.3 Packing of dangerous goods: According to the characteristics of dangerous goods, dangerous articles package adopts specially designed and manufactured packaging including containers and protective technologies in accordance with relevant laws, standards and regulations.

1.1.4 Hazardous Goods Packaging Marks: Hazardous substances mark: According to the specified standards, the dangerous goods marks of different categories (items) and nature are indicated in different types, names, sizes, colors and patterns on the dangerous goods transport packaging.

1.1.5 Corrugated cartons: Corrugated cardboard is made into corrugated cardboard boxes by dividing the paper by pressing lines, grooving, nailing boxes or sticking boxes. Most of them are regular cubes after molding. Corrugated cartons are one of the most widely used packaging products, and the amount has always been the first of a variety of packaging products as corrugated carton machine manufacturer said.

1.1.6 Packaging Box Usually, what we call the packing boxin Guangdong is called bidding (bie homonym) boxproduce by corrugated carton machinery China or used corrugated carton machinery China .The scientific name is die-cut box, generally refers to the corrugated paper that cannot be formed by dividing the paper by pressing lines and notching. Packaging products or card boxes, these kinds of packaging products can only be through professionally designed wood samples and then die-cutting machine after cutting, after nailing, sticking box or using a binder to form a binding. There are wooden boxes, tin boxes, Carton points, such as common cell phone boxes, hardcover wine boxes and so on.

1.1.7 Half-slotted corrugated carton (HSC): A regular slotted corrugated carton with only a pair of flaps, plus a lid.

1.1.8 Sky Cover Corrugated Boxes A corrugated box is divided into a lid and a lid. The lid can completely cover the lid.

1.1.9 Structure-type shallow cover without cover: similar to heaven and earth cover corrugated carton, the difference is that the structure-type coverless shallow roof cover is low, can not cover the cover; similar to half-slotted corrugated carton, the difference is the structure The cover of the coverless shallow box is not slotted, but has 4 nail strips and only one layer of corrugated cardboard boxes at the bottom.

1.1.10 Double-cover three-piece combined corrugated boxes consist of a corrugated box consisting of a lid, a lid and a surrounding card.


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