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Anilox should pay attention to the problem during use

Pay attention to the correct control of the roller pressure. By maintaining a uniform and moderate roll pressure, is to prevent the anilox roll surface damage a reliable guarantee. However, if the anilox roller line does not match the printing plate surface structure, causing abnormal ink supply, it may be possible to increase the degree of wear of the anilox roller due to the pressure increase and the roller pressure. Therefore, we should carefully adjust the pressure between the anilox roller and the plate roller, if the contact pressure between them is too heavy, easy to damage the surface of the anilox layer of ceramic layer, so that the network edge crack and form a scratch marks. To prevent this phenomenon, the production, to correct the pressure between the anilox roller and plate roller, can be used to plug the appropriate thickness of the plug on both sides of the mesh root and between the plate roller, for Pull with a slight resistance for the degree. The pressure between the anilox roller and the plate cylinder was adjusted to a parallel state and the contact pressure should be kept uniform.

we should pay attention to the correct adjustment blade. Scraper belts are wearing parts, scraper after a certain period of use, it will inevitably produce wear and tear, making its work surface uneven, so easy to make longitudinal part of the anilox is scraped into a channel groove. In addition, scraper device if there is loose, tremor, easy to aggravate it and the degree of wear anilox. Therefore, the wear of the scraper should be timely processing grinding. Scraper if there is anomalous phenomenon of loosening, should take appropriate technical measures to be eliminated, to ensure its normal use. When using a scraping knife, care should be taken to parallel the contact surface with the anilox roller so that the pressure should be as light as possible, as long as the excess ink on the surface of the anilox roller can be scraped off, and the angle between it and the anilox roller To be adjusted, this can effectively reduce the degree of wear. When the anilox roller in the absence of ink, avoid direct contact with the anilox roller scraper friction, through these checks, can reduce the anilox "groove" opportunities.

3. Take care to keep the machine clean. Anilox roller should be carefully checked before use and remove the dust or other impurities on the anilox roller surface to prevent the anilox roller  from abnormal friction damage. If the anilox roller surface of the larger damage, we should immediately stop using, so as not to damage the ink fountain roll and plate, affecting the product's print quality. The production should deal with the drive gear between the anilox roller and the ink fountain roller. If the impurities are clogged, it should be cleaned and smeared with a certain amount of gear oil to avoid the beating of the anilox roller damage.



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