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Anilox roller the proper use and maintenance essentials

 1. According to the characteristics of the substrate select anilox roller. As for the substrate with  rough surface , the amount of ink absorption will be large, then anilox roller should adopt less anilox line, because of its large network of as well as the ink transfer on the large. On the contrary, if the printing surface is relatively smooth material, the amount of ink absorption is less, this should be selected with a high number of lines of ink transfer and transmission roller with small amount of ink . Such as the printing of polishing, optionally choose 40 lines / cm anilox roll; in the printing of the absorbent material on the field version, the choice of 60 line / Cm anilox roll would be wise; non-absorbable Plastic, aluminum foil and other materials on the printed version of the field shall choose 80 line / Cm anilox roll; text version, field version, line version or the anilox version of the printing can use of 100 lines / cm ~ 120 lines / cm anilox roll; non-absorbable plastic, aluminum foil and other materials printed on the anilox version, the optional 140 lines / cm anilox roll; for printing low-tone printed matter, the optional is 160 lines / cm anilox roller; printing special fine products, discretionary use of 180 lines / Cm ~ 220 lines / cm anilox roller.

2. According to the plate net line select anilox roller. In order to reproduce the accurate and complete of each color tone of flexo printing plate, it is necessary to ensure that every dot on the printing plate can be inked so as to avoid dots falling into the netting wall of the anilox roller, without ink or inking Incomplete, so the use of anilox roller’s ink hole aperture area should be less than the printing plate dot area, that is, the number of anilox lines to be greater than the number of mesh lines to ensure that each plate has one or more anilox roller’s ink hole to provide ink.In order to prevent from the moire phenomenon, the angle of the anilox roller is adjusted to 45 ° for the best. Anilox roller mesh line with the number of mesh plate line, the general can use proportion between 3: 1 ~ 4: 1 to choose.

3. According to the characteristics of the printing layout select anilox roller. Fine print textured version or small text layout, you can choose a higher number mesh line of anilox roller, so that it passes a small amount of ink. Conversely, printing large or large font layout, you can choose a smaller number mesh line of anilox roller, to ensure that the layout get ample and adequate ink. 4. According to different inking device select anilox roller. In the same number of lines ‘ condition, For four pyramid-shaped ink hole, the amount of ink is generally smaller than the trapezoidal ink hole,so ink volume is small, and the tapered ink hole volume will be reduced due to wear and tear, so the four pyramidal ink hole structure of the Anilox roller for ink fountain roller more fit with rubber Anilox roller . Rectangular trapezoidal, hexagonal trapezoidal ink hole Anilox roller for more fit with squeegee ink system. Due to the use of doctor blade to scrape off the surface of the anilox roller , it is required to scratch the surface of the anilox roller surface without leaving ink, therefore, this type of ink system used in the anilox roller inking hole volume Must be larger, and the number of anilox lines required at 200 lines / cm or more.

5Check anilox processing technology.Anilox edge of the anilox angle made 90 ° right angle, (the edge of the most easily bumps, for this reason, the ceramic anilox roller production process can increase a finishing, the cell edge angle made of rounded corners, this can be better to reduce the damage of cell edge.

6Check a good anilox roller cleaning technology off.When cleaning the anilox, clean it with the cleaning method provided by the washer or ink factory to prevent the anilox roller from being damaged due to improper cleaning.

7Anilox roller maintenance and repair.The use of ultrasonic cleaning anilox roller is soaked in the groove of the ultrasonic cleaning device of the chemical cleaning solution, the frequency conversion device in the tank sends out high-frequency sound waves to make the solution vibrate and produce bubbles and impact power to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Anilox rollers are cleaned in high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations for a long time. The ceramic on the surface of the anilox roller is easily damaged and forms scratches. Therefore, it is necessary to master the proper cleaning time.In addition, the anilox roller in the removal and installation process, if not careful, it is easy to scratch the surface of the anilox groove phenomenon. Therefore, care should be taken to carefully maintain and maintain the anilox roller while disassembling and installing the anilox roller. Where the unused anilox roll to be placed on the shelf to prevent deformation, for a long time without the use of anilox roll, roll body is best covered with a shield to be protected. Anilox processing in the remote delivery, but also pay attention to packaging, to prevent its severe vibration or wear, to avoid the occurrence of deformation.


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