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Anilox Roller Type and Performance Analysis

Anilox roller as the name suggests is because it's surface  engraved with reticular-shaped ink hole, also known as the screen. Through the screen can be quantitative, uniform transfer of ink, ink effect. Therefore, the use of anilox roller can play an accurate control of the amount of ink, effectively prevent ghosting, ink bar, rejection of the role of ink, which is ink anilox roller can achieve the advantages of uniform ink, is the other roller difficult to achieve the results. Anilox roller production process is more complicated, it is usually seamless steel pipe after finishing, the surface of copper plating, the surface to form a base for easy processing, and then use the engraving method, it will be carved into the shape of the same surface, evenly distributed ink hole. The structure and number of inking holes determine the transfer performance and use range of the anilox roller. The uniformity of the inking holes also determines the quality of uniform inking. Visible, ink hole density (network line number), shape, size and depth of the size of the amount of ink.

The coating on the surface of the ink hole also affects the ink transfer performance of the anilox roller, which is directly related to the service life of the anilox roller. If the coating is not wear-resistant, cell sites are easy to wear and affect the ink transfer effect. According to the surface coating classification, anilox roller is divided into chrome-plated anilox and ceramic anilox roller.The ceramic anilox roll including ceramic anilox roller and laser engraved ceramic anilox roll . Chrome anilox roller material is generally low carbon steel or copper, the use of electronic engraving into a 450 pyramid structure of the ink hole, and then chrome-plated. This kind of roller is easy to wear due to coating thin, especially the use of scraper-type inking device, more prone to wear and tear so that cell volume becomes smaller, affecting the quality of the product's printing. Spraying ceramic anilox roller is the use of plasma methods, in the carved surface of the ink hole sprayed with a layer of synthetic ceramic coating. As the sprayed ceramic material is very fine particles of alumina, so use it to spray the anilox roller, smooth and delicate surface, abrasion resistance, ink absorption and delivery of ink stability, is currently a more widely used advanced method.

The hardness of this roller is much higher than the chrome-plated roller, so it is more suitable for use on the scraper inking unit. Laser engraved ceramic anilox roller is coated on the surface of the steel roller first ceramic layer, and then use the laser engraved roller surface ink hole. The roller inking hole network cable up to 1200 lines / in (1in = 2.54cm), suitable for printing fine color products. Because of this roller can form a thin and uniform ink film,can less ink consumption, and help to improve the drying speed of the ink layer, high speed printing can also reduce the network expansion, effectively improve product quality printing. 


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