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Adding production management

The corrugated cardboard machinery production management system is a computer control system that is used to assist the automatic production of tile lines. It uses precise sensors and computers to perform fast calculations and conducts a series of detection and control of tile lines on an appropriate test machine. Simulate manual operations. These controls include vehicle speed adjustment, gap adjustment, paste adjustment, and base paper materials, which can save manpower, reduce downtime adjustment time, prepare statistical tile line production efficiency, increase tile line production capacity, and realize the entire The speed of the production line is synchronized to reduce losses and reduce the production of waste products. Picture 30



 10. Needle-punched Cardboard Conveyor Belt (from Corrugated cardboard Machine Manufacturer)

The conveyor belt of corrugated cardboard machinery is based on polyester fiber and rayon as the basic raw materials. It is processed by many processes of acupuncturing machine. It has many advantages such as smooth surface, uniform thickness and no indentation. Picture 31



The acupuncture belt adopts a unique production process. Seven layers of special PET fibers are knitted in the acupuncture belt to make it structurally strong, with a unit weight of 5.8 KG/m2 and a uniform thickness. Because PET fiber is a kind of material with high temperature resistance and high toughness, it greatly enhances the adaptability of acupuncture to lead the team in high temperature, high humidity, high pressure, high tension and high-speed operating environment.

Corrugated cardboard machine's acupuncture belt's special polyester fiber layer and cotton layer structure pattern and specially treated fiber material in the contact surface show good air permeability, elasticity, toughness and wear resistance in practical application. It can distribute the pressure from the gravity roller to the cardboard evenly and moderately, and at the same time maintain sufficient friction and adhesion, and easily and smoothly carry the cardboard running. Especially valuable is that there is no indentation on the cardboard and the surface quality of the corrugated cardboard is improved. . This is the advantage that traditional acupuncture belts and cotton belts cannot match.

The acupuncture belt adopts ear steel buckle closed joints, and is divided into two layers at the joint area from 3 mm below the belt surface, and the steel buckles are hit at the lower layer. These processes are completed by the layering machine and the steel buckle machine, avoiding the manual tools. Deviation caused by joints. The steel buckle is completely covered by the upper layer so that it can maintain the original hygroscopicity, elasticity, toughness and wear resistance in contact with the cardboard, and completely avoids the periodical indentation of the cardboard stroke due to the protrusion of the steel buckle. Acupuncture with a unique structural pattern and excellent material not only fully meets the high-speed, high-pull operation requirements of the tile line, but also does not slip or slip, so that the improvement of production and quality can be achieved simultaneously.

The special silicone treatment with a penetrating surface on the surface of the acupuncture strip can not only guarantee the friction and adhesion between the surface and the cardboard, but also remove the viscose on the surface without pulling out the fiber. It is easier to clean, can be soaked in water, and is suitable for brushing with a soft-bristled brush, so that the problem of maintenance of the conveyor belt can be solved.


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