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3 reasons of corrugated cardboard paper degumming I
Corrugated cardboard degumming is already a long-term problems of the production line, cardboard degumming is divided into the bottom paper degumming, sandwich degumming, top paper degumming. In general, the bottom paper degumming is relatively small, but the chance of degumming top paper is relatively large, top paper degumming will greatly affect the compressive strength of cardboard, or even scrapped, resulting in waste on the production.

Surface paper degumming is also different: the common surface of a large area of paper adhesion is bad, there is the operation side of degumming, the drive side is not degumming, this paper focuses on large area of paper face degumming problems.

A large area of top paper degumming reasons:

There are many reasons for the degumming of paperboard top paper, in which the dual facer machine press plate and the temperature control improperly and the paper tension caused by the top paper degumming the most obvious.

1. Press plate:

There are many forms of pressure plate, such as airbag type pressure plate, gravity reel form and so on. When the cardboard into the dual facer machine (hot plate), the pressure plate on the cardboard pressure is insufficient, resulting in top paper can not fast, effective and tile paper bonding, which formed a degumming! Of course, the pressure can not be too heavy, or will lead to crushed cardboard.

Cardboard In the course of bonding the canvas is the first piece of paper to keep in touch with the paper. And canvas belt is pressed by the front of the ballast pressure, and only canvas belt pressure coherent, bonding effect can be good, or there will be segmental degumming phenomenon. At the same time, if the ballast roller in the hot plate into the paper beating or jitter, in the process of bonding caused by the two adhesive cardboard, resulting in poor adhesion.


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