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3 reasons of Corrugated cardboard paper degumming III
Corrugated cardboard degumming is already a long-term problems of the production line, cardboard degumming is divided into the bottom paper degumming, sandwich degumming, top paper degumming. In general, the bottom paper degumming is relatively small, but the chance of degumming top paper is relatively large, top paper degumming will greatly affect the compressive strength of cardboard, or even scrapped, resulting in waste on the production.

Surface paper degumming is also different: the common surface of a large area of paper adhesion is bad, there is the operation side of degumming, the drive side is not degumming, this paper focuses on large area of paper face degumming problems.

A large area of top paper degumming reasons:

There are many reasons for the degumming of paperboard top paper, in which the dual facer machine press plate and the temperature control improperly and the paper tension caused by the top paper degumming the most obvious.

3, tension

Tension is one of the important conditions for the formation of corrugated cardboard, the size and uniformity of the tension, impact  cardboard molding and glue, and adhesive strength.

Solution: whether it is the base roller on the roll stand, or flyover above the single-sided cardboard sheet ,need pay attention to the size of the adjustment at any time. To make the paper flat into the single facer machine, hand press the paper, paper can drive the paper and the paper would not broke, the tension is appropriate. When the roll stand is in operation, the base roller is momentarily constant, so the tension (brake force) varies with the diameter of the paper roll.


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