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3 keys to avoid corrugated roller surface cracks V

3. Improve the grinding wheel grinding performance

grinding wheel abrasive and binder in the corrugated roller grinding is extremely important. Rubber binder grinding wheel can prevent the surface of the burn, because the binder has a certain degree of flexibility, when the abrasive is too large cutting force will automatically retreat, reduce the grinding depth. on the other hand wheel of the amendment is also very important, cause the sharpness of the grinding wheel depends on the depth of grinding and corrugated roll speed.

In summary, the corrugated roller cracks are the first heat treatment process, whether it is longitudinal cracks or transverse cracks, are often penetrating cracks lead to corrugated roll out of teeth, Dislocations of teeth; followed by installation, operation is not correct lead to cold hardening Lattice distortion stress and quenching stress superposition, there will be out of teeth, Dislocations of teeth

. Although grinding process is not correct lead to burning crack, but it is shallow and sparse, will not appear penetrating cracks, absolutely no roll out of teeth, Dislocations of teeth.


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