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3 keys to avoid corrugated roller surface cracks I

3 keys to avoid corrugated roller surface cracks

How did corrugated cracker happen? 

There are three main reasons: First, caused by improper heat treatment; Second, the installation, operation is not correct; Third, the grinding process is not correct.

Carton factory's main production equipment is Single Facer machine, and Single Facer machine mian parts are corrugated roll. But the corrugated roll crack problem has been plagued by the manufacturer and the user, in particular, to renovate corrugated roll manufacturers thorny, often in the grinding process will suddenly become a piece of teeth was broken, and even hurt the operator. How did corrugated cracker happen?

1, improper heat treatment

The problem of cracks caused by improper heat treatment is the most serious, and it causes unavoidable damage to the renovation work. Corrugated materials are usually 35CrM, 42CrM. The heat treatment method for the surface induction IF quenching, the maximum hardness to HRC55-60, the higher the hardness of the longer life, if the heat treatment process will produce two kinds of quenching cracks: longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks.

There are also one factors that produce two kinds of cracks - the aging crack: that is, the tempering process is not timely or not fully back to the residual austenite to increase the organization to increase the stress. In fact, as long as the heat treatment process is correct, corrugated tooth surface hardness in the HRC55-60, can avoid cracks.


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