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3 keys to avoid corrugated roller surface cracks IV

How to avoid burns

1. Improve the cooling effect

(A) using high pressure and high flow cooling. This will not only enhance the cooling effect, but also the surface of the wheel can be washed, so that the gap is not easy to be blocked by cutting.

(B) to reduce the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel surface pressure of the role of high pressure, installation air baffle, and from the multi-direction to the grinding area of the injection, the coolant can be successfully injected into the grinding area.

(C) using alkaline coolant.

2. Choice of grinding amount ,to improve the wheel speed and corrugated roll speed, coarse grinding to increase the depth of grinding and corrugated roll speed, will increase the degree of plastic deformation to increase the roughness, and finally use small depth or no Spark grinding to improve surface finish.


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