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3 keys to avoid corrugated roller surface cracks II

How did corrugated cracker happen? 

There are three main reasons: First, caused by improper heat treatment; Second, the installation, operation is not correct; Third, the grinding process is not correct.

2, the installation is not correct

 Single Facer machine on the corrugated roller and the installation of the pressure roller, the operation is correct or not, will directly lead to corrugated roller or crack, teeth broken. Because the pressure roller at both ends of the pressure imbalance or pressure is too high, will cause the lower corrugated roller at both ends of the local out, ream teeth phenomenon; corrugated roller, whether the new or renovation on the corrugated roller are high parameters, if the corrugated roller axis and the lower Corrugated roller axis is not parallel must lead local cold hardening (all teeth uneven surface stress caused by stress concentration), under the action of lattice distortion stress and heat treatment defects superimposed stress cracks, the cracks in the corrugated roller was S-shaped, At this time corrugated cardboard on both sides of the opposite direction is not symmetrical inverted flute.


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