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3 keys to avoid corrugated roller surface cracks III

How did corrugated cracker happen? 

There are three main reasons: First, caused by improper heat treatment; Second, the installation, operation is not correct; Third, the grinding process is not correct.

3, the grinding process is not correct

Grinding cracks are caused entirely by burns, is, secondary martensite formed by grinding burns. Which is characterized by vertical traces of grinding, the performance of the tooth surface under the epidermis was irregular fine, dense, shallow and sparse or dense network-like cracks. Some grinding cracks are not on the outer surface, but in the surface layer under the naked eye is difficult to find defects. The direction of the crack is often perpendicular to the grinding direction or in the form of a mesh, and the occurrence of the crack is often present at the same time as the burn. Grinding burns is difficult to avoid, because the grinding heat generated at 800-1200 ℃, grinding wheel heat absorption of about 12%, grinding heat absorption of about 4%, the remaining heat all the corrugated roller absorption.


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