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3 key factors on carton production equipment management I

After entering high speed development for a carton enterprise, daily equipment maintenance  would become one of the significant tasks. And strengthening the maintenance of equipment would be a sign of management level in that enterprise, which is an assurance of product quality and supply capacity. Meanwhile, daily maintenance of equipment is the a way to improve a carton company’s competitiveness. 

1 Choose the suitable operators and maintenance technicians

1.1 In the daily producing process, inspection and assessment of equipment are necessary by making them connecting to the salary system, in which program you can adore those who did well in maintenance, and punish who did not do well.

1.2 With the development of technologies of carton machine, it requires the repairer and maintenance worker to more--not only the mechanical, but also the micro electrics as well in needs of technologies such as human-machine interface,micro computer control are commonly use in carton industry.

1.3 So a carton company must have its own technical team training system to meet up with the latest technologies needs.



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