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3 key factors on carton production equipment management II

2 Preparing for buying new equipment or upgrade current equipment

After entering high speed stage of a carton factory, facing more and more orders day by day, and higher and higher quality requirement of customers, as well as some special orders, the existing equipment would not meet up all the orders anymore. So, it comes to two options for these carton companies: either buying new machine, or upgrading existing equipment.


2.1 Enough study of new equipment performance is a must.

In many cases, some carton factory would buy new machine that does not fit their needs due not enough investigation if machine performance at the first beginning. And there are even idle machine, which would cost huge waste of resource.

2.2 How to organize the purchasing new equipment team.

Based on key factors like existing machine, and actual needs for production, to determine the basic needs of new equipment’s size and module, and arrange the related person to do the investigated works, and also the duty of set up, adjusting,acceptance people. On the investigation period, collecting the suppliers’ basic info, prices,machine specifications, technical parameters to put into a detail report, and then compare the suppliers vertically and horizontally to finalize the supplier.

2.3What to consider when upgrading the existing equipment

1)the capital chain;

2)cash flow;

3)The current structure of customers and settlement method;

4)Purchasing payment terms of the carton factory;

5)Future development expectation.


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