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3 key factors on carton production equipment management III

3 Distinguish equipment failure and wake appropriate measures to correct and prevent malfunction

It’s unavoidable to meet equipment malfunction, but there are type of causes: normal failure and abnormal one. But for either one, finding the actual causes is a must so that appropriate actions could be taken accordingly. Normal failure usually caused by long use machine and partly ageing and wearing. Abnormal failure usually caused by operators, such as mistakenly adjusting of machine, careless of operating, does not lubricate the machine for long time, etc.

3.1 For medium and large machine that are important to production, probably maintenance is a vital management skill to improve the long service life of machine. The maintenance plan is based on the use of machine to set up the details. And for vulnerable parts, there must be precaution maintenance.

3.2 Follow the machine manual books, to do regular maintenance, such as the greasing pf shaft,roller, bearing, gear, etc.

3.3 At the end of high speed period of carton factory, the maintenance fee of machine would increase surprisingly with the equipment is obviously ageing, wearing accelerating, failure rate increases, which requires more investment in big scale of maintenance. Some carton companies use the combination of big scale of maintenance and technical upgrade to increase updated the technologies as well as doing the maintenance, which is a ideal way for those companies who’s cash flow is limited but also want to have high speed development.


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